Delivering a Quality Future for Aviation

Claudio D Marturano

Hi there, I’m Claudio. I’m the Chairperson and CEO of the T-C-Alliance.

I started the T-C-Alliance at the beginning of the COVID pandemic as a way for professionals to enhance their capabilities through collaboration….and selfishly because I started to see some awful and consultancy starting to emerge that was hurting the industry and not helping it.

I love our industry and am an ambassador for all things safety and high quality. Our mantra is “Delivering a Quality Future for Aviation” and I like to believe I practice what I preach. 

If this resonates with you, then please do get in contact with me to discuss how we can collaborate.

Feel free to contact me through whatsapp on +447956254893 and please do connect with me on LinkedIn.

Claudio Marturano CEO T-C-Alliance | LinkedIn

Have a great day!

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