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Fellows & Associates

Below is the list of current Associates and Fellows of the T-C-Alliance who are Subject Matter experts in a number of domains; not just specialists in aviation but also in legal, economics, academia, mentoring, coaching…..the list goes on.

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Full NameFellow / AssociateAreas of ExpertiseAreas of InterestCurrent EmployerConnections
Claudio MarturanoFellowMaintenance, CAMO, Continued Airworthiness, Leadership, Business GrowthLeadership, Business GrowthT-C-AllianceN/A
Andy HubbardFellowEngineering program management, aviation network communications, strategic planning, ATM engineering, business planningProgram leadership, business planning, strategic planning, M&A support, Non-exec Director guidance

Hubbard Aviation Consulting Ltd (Independent)

British Airways PLC, ARINC, Collins Aerospace, SITA, Air Navigation Solutions Limited (ANSL)
Catherine BicharaFellowI&D; Psychological safety, EASA regulationsas above, mentoring, coachingSkyguide, Swiss ANSPEASA, I&D European network inside and outside aviation, FABEC, Social partners in Europe, CANSO,
Christopher James CoxFellowAir traffic engineering (ATSEP) regulation and training. On the job and assessor training. Just culture, Air Traffic Control, Regulation


NATS, GATE aviation training, IFATSEA
Dawn WhyteFellowTraffic management, air traffic control, leadership coaching, training and course developmentSlot management, traffic management, Collaborative Decision Making, program development and delivery, employee coaching IndependentNavCanada, BCIT, Air Canada
Emilia Rojas FellowProject management, Geomatics engineering technologies, management studies diploma, PMP certificate, coordinator Think tank, collaborationEpcor City of Edmonton
John van HoogstratenFellowAirspace change and design, Air Traffic Management, Renewables, Compliance auditing, Project managementAirspace design, Air Traffic Management Concept of Operations, Aviation impact on renewables, Compliance auditing, Capacity enhancementStraten Consulting Services LimitedJim Wylie, Andy Hubbard
Kremer PascalFellowSafety Management Systems / Fatigue / Risk management /Safety PromotionSafety Management Systems / Fatigue / Risk management /Safety PromotionLuxairFlight Safety Foundation/European Regional Airlines Association
Mark A Van VogtFellow

Airports, ATM, Airspace Change and Design and Operations Management, GNSS PinS

Training, Consultancy, Operations, Management, ATM, Airspace Change and Design

Avigation Limited (Independent)

UK CAA, NATS, UK Space Industry Actors and more UK, EUR & Intl (as per LinkedIn).

Simon RobertsFellowSafety Management Systems, Human Factors, Safety Culture, Just Culture, Root Cause AnalysisSafety Management System, Human Factorssafety management international LtdNeil Richardson
Stephen van HouwelingenFellowAir Operations, Air Crew, Management SystemsAir Operations, Air Crew, Management Systems, ATM/ANSSTAC aviation consultancyJohn Franklin, Dutch CAA, EASA, Procedure Validation PVS,

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