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Established in 2018, Avigation Ltd is a team of independent aviation consultants with an enviable breadth and depth of  knowledge and expertise in – inter alia – Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Point-in-Space (PinS) procedures, air traffic management (ATM), aviation operations and safety management systems and regulatory compliance. Avigation’s experience spans a broad range of sectors, in which its teams have delivered demonstrable success and benefit to local, national and international clients, alike. With the ability to draw on leading experts within the aviation sector (and beyond), Avigation offers a range of services that can be tailored easily to suit any operation.

Avigation's Capabilities & Services

GNSS PinS Design, Implementation and Management | Safety Management Systems and Regulatory Compliance | Air Traffic Management | Instrument Flight Procedure Design | Operations Analysis and Support | System Requirements | Procurement Support | Airspace Design | Stakeholder Management | Unmanned Aerial Systems | Wind Energy Support | Risk & Project Management

GNSS PinS Procedures Design, Implementation and Management

Avigation can help rotary-wing customers enhance their operations by developing and delivering PinS, thereby enabling operations in adverse weather conditions.

PinS procedures allow a greater position and navigation accuracy and the ability to descend to lower operating minima, which could offer significant operational enhancement to operations such as HEMS/helimed in adverse weather without ATC services.

Avigation has supported the enhancement of customers’ operational capability and managed obstacle assessments and delivered PinS design, validation and implementation from start to finish, using our own GNSS PinS experts and our trusted and UK CAA-certified partners, Pildo Wessex Ltd. 

Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Operations Analyses and Support

Avigation acknowledges that all clients’ organisations strive for efficiency and improvements, but may encounter difficulty taking an objective view of their operations. As part of any client project, Avigation will conduct an appropriate analysis of the operation.

The Avigation team has a demonstrable breadth and depth of ATM and operational experience and expertise that can support clients in their pursuit of operational efficiency.

Avigation can identify areas where operational enhancements might be made and can help clients deliver and manage change, be that to their operations, airspace or operational procedures and processes, through a robust and effective SMS. Moreover, Avigation understands not only the fiscal constraints under which many organisations must operate, but also the safety, operational and regulatory landscape within which operations take place.

Developing an Effective Safety Management System (SMS) for Your Organisation

Avigation believes that a proactive safety culture underpinned by an open and just reporting culture is key to developing an effective SMS.

Establishing a proactive safety culture, underpinned by an open and just culture, is key to developing an effective SMS.

Avigation has developed and delivered effective, manageable and proportional management systems for its clients. These have included tools to manage risk, reporting systems and assisting clients in formulating policies to create a strong safety culture within their organisation.