Delivering a Quality Future for Aviation

Aura Assurance


Aura Assurance is a Lagos-based independent aviation and logistics consultancy concentrating on practitioner and mentor support to your business and staff to deliver improved outcomes.

Aura Assurance's Capabilities & Services

The aviation consultancy specializes in air safety & quality, auditing, investigations, airworthiness, aviation regulation and aviation contracting support services.

Bringing Passionate Air Safety Leadership to Nigeria

My background in both the Military and Shell Aircraft has seen me working in senior nominated post-holder positions in air operators & design organisations. I have been a safety regulator and advised blue chip multinationals on the safety & oversight of aircraft and logistics services. I have an unusual – possibly even eclectic – mix of skills, proficiency and qualifications in: aircraft, avionic and LEAN engineering; Human Factors; accident investigation; quality; safety and error management; Airworthiness Regulation; and Compliance Management. Collectively, these have all provided me with outstanding problem-solving skills and an ability to analyse and deliver significant process improvements.

Proudly Nigerian. Aura Assurance is a Nigerian company born out of professional and personal passion for industry and country. "Arise, O compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey"

The aviation industry in Nigeria is peppered with bright, willing and capable individuals. A strong background in Human Factors and a well developed sense of the cultural norms in Nigeria allow me to concentrate on tailored mentor support to businesses and staff, to help them deliver improved outcomes across the spectrum.

Hazard & Effects Management Processes

When Aura Assurance talks about Safety & Quality, we move quickly to Hazard & Effects Management Processes, where hazard identification, risk Assessment and error management can be brought together in ‘real’ BowTies – living HEMP on the wall! As for error management, incident and occurrence investigation, a proper understanding of Human Factors (HFACS) within a Just Culture can deliver ‘real’ Root Cause recommendations.