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Beingwell is a growing family of Wellbeing products, apps and content which are simple to use and accessible from one central place. You can trust our products because they are developed by scientists, doctors and experts using research and evidence to prove their effectiveness at improving your wellbeing.

Beingwell's Capabilities & Services

Beingwell offers a centralised Wellbeing platform which is organised into a number of sections covering mental & cognitive health (Thinkingwell), sleep science and advice (Sleepingwell), emotional and situational advice (Copingwell), nutritional advice (Eatingwell), physical activity support (Movingwell.) We also have a Beingwell Medical division currently offering end to end diagnosis and treatment solutions for sleep apnoea patients.

It’s time to feel good! With simple, life-improving wellbeing. Our platform full of scientifically proven tools, guidance and support is just a click away.

Welcome to your own Wellometer.

Wellbeing is all about balance. To help you on your way, Beingwell experts will recommend courses, tools and content to suit you best. You’ll also be able to keep track of your success in your very own Wellometer.  Enjoy boundless:

💤 Sleep help

🧠 Brain fitness training

💡 Mental health support

🥑 Nutritional advice

🏆 Physical health motivation

Products, App & Tools

Unlock practical products, apps & tools that will help you understand and improve your wellbeing.


MyCognition – Mental & Cognitive health tool

  • MyCQ “Brain Health” assessment
  • Manage stress and emotions
  • Become resilient with a healthier mind
  • NHS Digital approve
  • Bill & Melinda Gates foundation accredited
  • CE Marked



  • Sleep type profile builder
  • Personalised sleep planner
  • Sleep behaviour, mindset and environment change

Wellbeing Content Library

Explore the Beingwell content library for tools and tactics to help you and your team live your everyday personal best.

  • Expert written
  • Fresh content published every week
  • Request a topic from our experts
  • Written to engage, to educate and to be enjoyed
  • Realistic advice which celebrates what’s possible

Wellbeing Webinars

The Beingwell platform allows you to consume the information that matters most to you and your wellbeing.

Beingwell members have full access to all our webinar series; no limits, no time restrictions. The experts at Beingwell are always working on new webinar series, all of which will be available to members as soon as they are set live.

  • Expert lead
  • Delivered in engaging chapters
  • Consume at your own pace
  • Regularly updated
  • Request a topic