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GMR Aviation Consulting Limited

Consultant | Professional Service Provider | Technological Provider

Founded in 2002, GMR Aviation Consulting Ltd (GMRA) began as a dispute resolution service for the aviation legal arena. The business grew and we now also deliver consulting and safety training services around the world, with offices in the UK and North America, and with clients on every continent. We can help build your company client base through our network as we actively work with some of the largest names in aviation.

GMRA's Capabilities & Services

We are delighted to provide services across the following aviation dispute resolution arenas – pre-trial advice, expert witness, expert determination and mediation services. We provide safety and risk assessments and training in line with PSOE best practice. In addition, we are experts in preparing airport master plans and phased development plans.

Dispute Resolution Expertise: extensive experience from operating across different aviation sectors over many decades

Since 2002, GMRA has provided expert witnesses to give written or oral evidence to assist in the resolution of a dispute. Our early engagement in this process with our clients typically leads to the early resolution of a dispute, saving time and costs in the legal processes. We are frequently retained by clients who include leading law firms and legal professionals, as well as international airports, airlines, air navigation providers and military organisations.

Our work includes providing pre-trial advice and consultancy services. Our team are able to undertake Expert Determination and award legally binding decisions and avoid expensive court proceedings. Finally, mediation is another form of dispute resolution that we are delighted to be able to offer.

Training Expertise: lifelong learning & knowledge sharing

Our team of qualified and highly experienced instructors can cover a wide range of topics that can include:

  • Safety Management
  • Safety Leadership
  • Error Management
  • Just Culture
  • Leadership
  • Communication & Interface Management
  • Continuing Airworthiness
  • Human Factors & Human Performance
  • Organisational Performance
  • Mental Health, Wellbeing
  • UK Military Regulations & Standards
  • EMARs
  • ICAO/CAA/EASA/FAA/JAR Regulations

Airports & Airfield Expertise: understanding the key risks in operation & expansion

Airport planning is crucial to ensure the appropriate development of core airport infrastructure. GMRA understands the impact of these facilities, and that it is vital to ensure they are appropriately sized, phased, operated and maintained and can identify the impacts of these elements for you.

Our Airport Planning and Technical Due Diligence Airside Analysis includes:

  • Aerodrome licensing and operations
  • Airport Planning and capital development
  • Operational compliance and audits
  • Civil engineering
  • The most expensive asset at an airport demands robust care and maintenance!