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In what started as a family exercise to engage his daughters in simulated business activities, Richard Scarbrough quickly recognized that those activities served a real-world need: technical, accurate, and engaging content for the aerospace industry. Aircraft maintenance entities excel in their endeavors, often performing detailed technical inspections, troubleshooting complex aircraft systems, and turning out excellent work. In doing so, many do not focus on a paradigm shift in the industry today, the move to a virtual, e-connected, online world. ScarbroughCo, LLC’s vision is to create content that will deliver inspiration, facilitate collaboration, and drive innovation within the aerospace community.

ScarbroughCo's Capabilities & Services

Technical Writing, 14 CFR Part 145, Repair Station Manual (RSM), Quality Control Manual (QCM), Training Manual, Blog Articles, SEO Strategy, Information Architecture, Content Strategy / Creation, Product Reviews, Creative Copywriting, Graphic Design, Logos, Corporate Branding, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Press Releases, and Broadcast E-mail Copy.

Technical Writing

ScarbroughCo, LLC’s technical writing solution delivers relevant, practical, and approved technical content thereby keeping aerospace maintenance entities compliant.

The FAA and EASA have a clear mandate in the operation of any regulated entity. The summarized essence of what they call for states: say what you will do, and then do as you say. Aerospace maintenance, repair, and overall (MRO) shops must create several technical publications to operate with approval. Repair manuals, service instructions, standard operating procedures, training manuals, and quality documents are an absolute necessity for any aviation maintenance facility.

Operations Analyses and Support

One can operate the greatest business on earth, however, if the message becomes muddled, the brand suffers. Is perception reality? In today’s tight business climate, one cannot leave anything to chance. In aerospace maintenance, a thousandth of an inch could determine if a component is airworthy or scrap. ScarbroughCo, LLC, founded by an Airframe and Powerplant [A&P] mechanic, knows the value of precision work. The operational integrity of any maintenance organization must translate through various media outlets, missing the mark with content could cause a target customer’s confidence to wane. We take the time to engage our clients, highlight their best attributes, and deliver the message on point.

ScarbroughCo, LLC’s vision

ScarbroughCo, LLC’s vision is to create content that will ignite inspiration, facilitate collaboration, and drive innovation within the aerospace community.

As aerospace maintenance experts, we can draw from an extensive background to create content critical for success. Industry professionals have a language all their own and are adept at spotting imposters.

Please do not cut corners on credibility.