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STAC Aviation Consultancy

Consultant | Professional Service Provider | Training Provider

STAC aviation consultancy is founded with the idea to make organisations perform better. The methods used at STAC are based on aviation process management, business management and life experience of getting up after setbacks and will make a perfect combination to make your company perform better and more efficient. Next to that you will be set up for the future and its changes.

STAC Aviation Consultancy's Capabilities & Services

STAC specialises in compliance monitoring training, safety management training and personnel training. Practical experience in flight training, commercial transport and legislation make our trainings efficient and interactive for trainees. Furthermore, STAC is experienced in making your company processes more effective and structured, while establishing an effective communication culture.

Compliance Monitoring Initial training, recurrent training, refresher trainings and more:

Whether its training you want or a compliance check on your documents. STAC has the experience and knowledge to do it thoroughly. For document reviews STAC will not only focus on non-compliances, but also on the practical part. Do the written procedures actually work? Don’t worry about sending corrections back and forth, throughout the check STAC will guide you and send you in the right direction immediately! With STAC training you are sure you will learn all you need to ensure a proper compliance monitoring department.

Safety Management Training personnel, management and engaging staff

Safety management is the backbone for a safe operation and to continue to improve. STAC has experience in setting up an SMS from scratch in small organisations. Starting with the basics, and gradually expanding the SMS to a mature state. The operational experience STAC has gives you the advantage of helping identifying hazards and risks easily and efficiently.