Human Factors Continuation Training 2021

This course is part of our ‘Continuous Learning’ program and contains all the regulatory requirements Human Factors training that is required to meet the personnel requirements of EASA AMC2 145.A.30 (e) for all personnel within a PART 145 organisation as per Commission Regulation EU 1321/2014 for continued airworthiness.

In order to satisfy these requirements, this training includes the syllabus requirements of EASA GM1 145.A.30 (e) and the generic competency framework of the European Human Factors Advisory Group with the addition of information though to be relevant or thought-provoking by T-C-Alliance and customer feedback, including mental health and well-being.

This course is presented by Sam Lee of Integra Aerospace, a member of the T-C-Alliance and part of the alliance’s Training Committee.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the human factors that affect you personally
  • Reflect on the effects of pressure, norms and excessive workload within the maintenance environment
  • Explain how the effects of human factors can influence negative safety behaviours
  • Recognise that safety and managing human factors is everyone’s responsibility
  • Explain the importance of always following company procedures and Part 145 regulations
  • Determine a plan of action to reduce the human factors that affect you