Induction of Staff – Developing the Journey



This two-day course is a deep dive into how to structure and design an induction program that understands the real needs of a new member within your organization and ensures the program not only prepares them to become efficient within their new roles but also is an opportunity to inspire them and make them feel confident that joining your company was the right decision.


Just as recruiting the right person for the right position within your organization and having them want to stay is a challenge; new staff are equally overwhelmed and find challenging starting in a new position, meeting new colleagues, performing tasks for the first time with difficult to understand systems and within an unfamiliar company culture.

Induction training programs traditionally are the solution for the second of the challenges, however putting a structured, effective, and simple program together that motivates and energizes future team members is critical not only for the growth of a business but also for the future development of those individuals.

What’s more, inductions don’t have to be a seemingly endless checklist of dull guidelines based on dress codes and office rules, they’re an opportunity to inspire your new employee, and make them feel confident that joining your company was the right decision.

We like to see it as a journey, the new joiner journey. 

By the end of this course you will;

  • Learn how to master the Induction process. 
  • Choose the correct learning methodology to increase effectiveness
  • Streamline communication between departments  
  • Understand how to use feedback from the inductee
  • Applying the learning to your own organisation


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