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Feedback Activity 4 (route financial advantages)

NOTE: this activity is for your own development and there is no time limit or wrong answer. Just remember to question everything; analysis your questions critically; and develop your opinion through your professional judgement.

Discuss the topic with colleagues to get other opinions.

Food for Thoughts!

British Airways are a well known FSC, however recently have removed the free economy meal/drinks on short haul flights and required passengers to pay for them onboard.  This is allegedly to lower airfares in economy in order to compete with airlines like Ryanair and easyJet.  Some other airlines like Lufthansa have retained a small sandwich and drink in short haul economy class in order to further differentiate themselves from a FSC like British Airways. 

As a passenger, how do you feel this has worked?  

If you were the CFO of a large FSC airline, what items would you be looking to balance between the two?

How would you want to balance things like passenger experience expected from a FSC when competing against LCCs such as Ryanair and easyjet (and others)? 

Is requiring passengers to pay for a meal onboard part of your corporate brand identity?

Some airlines will allow you to chose whether you accrue airpoints on the flight or not.  Many airlines allow bids from passengers to upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class when there are seats available to further enhance revenue extraction from passengers. Airlines can require you to pay addition money to select your seat in Business Class, not just Economy Class. 

A separate discussion is the impact on safety if families are not seated together and there is an emergency where passengers have to disembark rapidly. 

Will a parent exit the plane or go against the flow of passengers to ensure his children are ok? 

What would you do if not seated with your family and you had to evacuate the aircraft in an emergency?

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