Delivering a Quality Future for Aviation

Weekly Workshops

On the 21st and 22nd of June 2023, the T-C-Alliance carried out the first-ever Training Convention for Aviation (TCA2023).

The response was overwhelmingly positive and part of our commitment as an organisation is to create an industry communique on learning and development needs derived from the convention and other workshops.

This will create a tangible guide for all aviation professionals to use. As a result, until September 2023, the T-C-Alliance will be holding the following workshops.

Come along, engage, collaborate and enjoy!

As part of our continuous development, the T-C-Alliance hosts weekly ‘Friday Chats’ (for everyone) as well as periodic workshops on fundamentals of Consultancy, Training and Aviation Principles (for persons on Development Packages).

All workshops are conducted by the T-C-Alliance and industry partners. 

If you would like to benefit from these workshops (identified below), please check out our Development Packages.

Friday Chats & Weekly Updates

Every Friday @ 14:00 CET the T-C-Alliance hosts a “Friday Chat” session, free to anyone to join. This is a perfect opportunity to catch up with peers, network and simply chat about aviation and life. Why not end the week on a high note and de-stress before the weekend!